Also known as - The South Shields Harriers Tri Endurance Age Grade Trophy

Introducing the STAG award, a unique annual endurance trophy I have been wanting to award annually within the club for some time. This trophy is self-funded, and I hope it will encourage more participation in endurance races from both the men and women, and it gives a level playing field, regardless of age or gender.

To qualify to win this trophy, all you need to do is participate in 3 of the following runs over the calendar year and have the highest age grade % average from your three chosen events. The first two are compulsory, but the third can be any of the final three choices.

1) 5km
2) 10km
3) 10 mile / half marathon / marathon

Your runs can be any officially measured events (none track), with the winner being either the male OR female who has the highest age grade percentage average from their best 3 event efforts that year. I will accept any events already participated in this year including park runs.

The link to the age grade calculator that will be use -

Please do take part, its FREE and a great motivator.

The monthly league will be published to for all participants so you can see how you are doing and remember it is both AGE & SEX FAIR.

Caer Urfa Cup

Introduced in summer 2013 it is a track based pentathlon.

It is a 5 race series held on the track at Gypsies Green over three club nights throughout the summer.

It is designed to give runners of all ages a chance to run and compete in events they would not normally do with an eye to both talent spotting and gaining experience to help develop a strong track and field team.

The five races are:
   1) Mile
   2) 200m
   3) 400m
   4) 1000m
   5) 60m

Your time for each race is converted into point using the International Runners Decathlon Scoring system with the winner being the one with the most points having completed all 5 events.

To ensure a level a playing field as possible your time is age graded in accordance with the World Masters Athletics (WMA) Age Grading system. This means a 60 year old can compete fairly with a 21 year old.

There are 4 race categories:
   - Under 17 Boys
   - Under 17 Girls
   - Senior Men
   - Senior Women

The event is designed to produce competitive racing in a familiar and fun environment.

Prinsky Cup and D&M Cup

The Prinsky Cup is a 5 mile race, starting from the 'Conversation piece' near the Groyne, along the promenade, then follows the dolomite path past Trow Rocks, Target Rock, Frenchman's Bay to the ice-cream kiosk at the bottom of Marsden Bank; then return down the Coast Road pavement to the finish line in Gypsies Green stadium.


The event involves teams of two runners being drawn from a hat. One runner from the team stands half way around the track. His fellow teammate starts running towards him from the start. When they meet, the second runner continues the lap. The first runner turns around and either walk, jogs or runs (depending on fitness ability) back to the finish and/or meets his partner coming the other way. The process is repeated. The first pair to run two miles in this way is the winner.

Pier to Pier

The Pier to Pier is held in conjunction with Sunderland Strollers Running Club. It is an approx. 7.5 mile race which starts on the beach at South Shields Pier and continues around the cliff top paths past Marsden Rock, Souter Point Lighthouse, passing by the Firing Range, onto the beach at Whitburn and finishing at Roker Pier. This is one of the most popular races in the North East calendar.

Sand Dancer 10k

The Sand Dancer 10K Multi Terrain originates from the Sunderland to South Shields race, which was the first town to town race ever to be held as far back as 1904 succesive changes to the course because of increasing traffic is the main reason why we now have an off road route on the Leas.

The course which starts on the promenade and continues up onto the Leas consists of 1 large and 1 small loop on coastal foot paths and must be considered as one of the most scenic coastal runs in the country. Although the run is multiterrain spiked shoes are not advised.

Over the five years of the new route the course record is held by Ian Cramptor in 2009 in a time of 33 Minutes. The race is becoming more popular every year with an entry of 300 anticipated this year. All competitors will receive a cup of soup and bun after the run. The run is suitable for club and non club runners.

Sid Hitcham Mile

This is an annual race held in the summer at gypsies green stadium for club members, and is one of the highlights of the club calendar. It is held on the running track and is approximately 5 laps of the track. The race has categories for juniors, Women, +6min mile men and sub six minute men.


The yachts race is a monthly handicapped race of approx. 1.1miles for juniors and 3.3 miles for seniors. The route encompasses one full lap of the bents park along using public pavements. Starting on Sea Road competitors run until the South marine park and turn up the bank at Beach Road and then along Bents Park road and back along to the start on Sea Road.

Remember to be safe and wear bright colours

Sherman Cup & Davison Shield

The Sherman Cup and Davison Shield is an annual cross-country race held at Temple Park in South Shields.

The race dates from 1949 when the cup was donated to the local cross-country league by Sherman’s Football pools. However in 2002 former Harrier league secretaries, Pam and Ron Davison donated a trophy to allow women to compete in a similar fashion to their male counterparts.

Both competitions attract large numbers and while the Distinctive NEHL (North Eastern Harrier League) with its unique handicap system appeals to many, the “Sherman and Davison” are scratch affairs.

Racing gets under way with an under-11 boys and girls event (competitors must be a minimum of nine years old) over a maximum of one mile. Although this race is not part of the scoring competition, it does act as a great taster for young budding athletes seeking to give cross-country a try.

The main event starts 15 minutes later with the under-13 boy's race while the senior men’s race is due off at around 1.15pm and senior women at 2.30pm.

Spectators are welcome and while admission is free, there is a parking charge at the South Tyneside venue.

The Gallery Jewellers Cup Race

The Gallery Jewellers Cup is one of the newest additions to the South Shields Harriers club race calendar with the inaugural race being held in 2012. The race is an interclub event, contested between Sunderland Strollers and South Shields Harriers. The respective clubs will host the event in their 'own back yard so to speak' bi annually and the 'Strollers' held the first event in 2012.

The race cup is sponsored by Gallery Jewellers of Washington and was devised by Paul West. Paul together with John Woodward of the Sunderland Strollers and Paul Bainbridge of South Shields Harriers organised and then staged the first interclub race between Sunderland Strollers and South Shields Harriers on 1st August 2012 at Silksworth in Sunderland.

The inaugural race was held on a course in and around the Silksworth Sports complex in Sunderland over a distance of around 7k (felt like about 6k of that was on hills). The Start times were handicapped by age and were based on the Blyth Sands race times but adjusted for distance.

Where and When we meet

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